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Introducing the travel & leisure podcast, featuring the historic Hocking Hills
in SE Ohio! Home to some of the most gorgeous, diverse scenery and outdoor
activities in the state, hosts Mary McMartin and Michele Mauder have created
a travelogue to showcase the region that is awaiting millions of annual visitors.

Our Audience:

Targeting day-trippers, weekenders, and week-long vacationers, the podcast
will cater to the customers you have built your business to serve! Your hosts
will let their hair down while exploring and sharing their adventures of this
majestic landscape, Hocking Hills, Ohio’s Crown Jewel.

The podcast programming will delight our audience with a panoply of
adventures from hikes, water activities, meals, wine tastings, stargazing, camping, concerts and locales. We will feature planning, helpful tips, and events that make Hocking Hills one of the Midwest’s most desirable destinations for generations of families and friends.

Featuring - You!

An economic engine promoting the region by featuring our local
business, community properties, activities and adventures, we can
showcase your business to reach a wider audience!

In partnership – by personal interviews, tours, & exclusive offers – your hosts are dedicated to highlighting you & your business venue or service, philanthropy and special offers!

We have an array of advertising levels that will best fit your business and budget.

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